Thursday, August 28, 2008

25 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant

Last night I had the most awful pains in my groin. They were coming and going just like contractions but only happening on my left lower side. The baby contnued to move the whole time. I didn't feel at all like I was in labour but thought something might have been going on with my insides. Turns out the pains I was having are completely normal. When I read up on week 25 they were talking about groin pains and cramping due to stretching of the uterus. The joys of pregnancy that we quickly forget!

All About Baby
Baby-to-be's lungs are developing rapidly, although she'd probably need a little help breathing if she were born at this point. Her respiratory system continues to develop, her nostrils are open, and she can breathe—but she won't take her first breath of air until delivery day. Her reproductive organs are formed. Her skin is translucent and wrinkled, and she can hear your stomach when it gurgles and your voice when you sing. Baby is becoming more aware of how she can move—she's wiggling her fingers and toes! I have been feeling a lot of movement from her lately esspecially. I am also starting to feel the movement from outside too. She is one strong girl already!

How Big Is Baby?
Baby has grown to about one pound, eight ounces and she's nearly nine inches long (crown to rump).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

40 Weeks Seems Forever Away!

I saw my family doctor yesterday for the last time until baby is born. I see my OB GYN in September on the 12th I beleive. The weeks are passing quickly but time sure isn't. When you think in weeks I am 24 tomorrow but having to go to 40 seems like forever away! My iron is better thank goodness. Dr. Clarke had trouble again finding baby's heart beat and checked my ultrasound results to find out my placenta is laying anterior. So baby is hiding behind my placenta making it hard to find her heart beats. I did not gain any weight since my last visit but his is not a concern.

The last shift I worked I thought I was never going to make it through but did manage. I had a lot of cramping and tightening and had to let myself sit every now and again to rest up. I have a feeling I might not make it until November but we will see. I am working 4 shifts in a row come this weekend so we will see how that goes. I have also been assured that all of my braxton hicks are normal, esspecially for a third child and that I should continue working as long as the contractions stop after resting.

All About Baby

Baby is filling out this week. She looks like a miniature version of what we will see on delivery day. Her face has formed, ears are in place, and eyes are complete (although her lids are still closed). She has eyelashes, fingernails, and may be growing hair, too. Rapid eye movements (REM) are beginning, too.

How Big Is Baby?

This week baby weighs around one and one-half pounds and measures almost eight and one-half inches (crown to rump).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

23 Weeks and Still Trowing UP!

LOL Nice heading I know! I am still getting sick in the mornings though, when my tummy is empty and I have to make breakfast for the girls before I can eat. All I can imagine is that this little baby inside me is doing summersalts all night long taking up any food engergy left in me from the day, making me starved in the morning! I hate geting sick... she is going to be a stubborn one! The jungle gym inside me I can handle... but nausia and vommiting I cannot! I have also been having braxton hicks now for a few weeks consistantly (every day)! This baby is practicing already for a birth not planned until December. Hold on baby!

All About Baby
Twenty-three weeks marks an important point for unborn baby. Baby-to-be is far enough along in her development that shehe could have a chance at survival outside the womb.
According to the March of Dimes, of all babies born at 23 weeks, 25 to 35 percent survive. This number goes up considerably when you add just a couple weeks: babies born between 50 to 70 percent of all babies born at 24 to 25 weeks survive. And 90 percent of all babies born at 26 to 27 weeks survive.

Although all of baby-to-be's internal systems are in place, she needs more time for those intricate systems to mature.

How Big Is Baby?
Our little one now is about eight inches long (crown to rump) and weighs in at around one pound.