Wednesday, November 26, 2008

38 Weeks Today

Just got home from my visit with Dr. Jamieson and it went well. Hopefully I will not need to return to the office again for a long while! I was two cm dialated when I arrived and have now been stretched. I forgot just how uncmfortable it was, but, hopefully well worth it. I can feel baby trying to get lower every min! Dr. Jamieson said her head was very nice and low and because I was already 2 cm it made it easier to stretch the cervix.
I forgot to mention about my Strep B results at my last visit. They were negitive again so I do not need to worry about that at all. No antibiotics during labour needed.
I am a little uncomfortable right now (having cramping) and do have some bloody show which is all VERY normal after such an exam. We will cross our fingers (and toes) and say a little prayer for this baby to arrive quickly and healthy of course! Hopefully my next update will be me in labour or after this new little bundle has arrived. I do have a appontmnt booked for December 5th but hope t deliver long before then!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Visit With Dr. Chamberlin

Just got home from my appointment with Dr. Chamberlin. I am offically "full term" as they say and could go into labour anytime now. My blood pressure was great as well as baby's heart beat and I weighed in at the exact same as two weeks ago and messured the same as well. Baby's head is way down now and Dr. Chamberlin said they could sweep my membranes (Yippee) at my next weeks appointment which will fall on Wednesday this time. She said she doesn't like to try and bring on labour at 37 weeks but that they have no problem doing it at 38 weeks! I was surprised when the doctor reccognized me right away. I knew she has been sharing the practice with Jamieson for some time now but I think I actually only saw her one time when I was pregnant with Abigail! Guess it helps knowing people in the office (IE. Auntie Wendy being the retired receptionist for Dr. Jamieson)! Dr. Chamberlin mentioned that if my water breaks that I should head straight to labour and delivery as well as soon as my contractions start becoming at all regular. She said that with the shortness of my last labour I could prbably expect the same if not shorter this time around! I was glad she mentioned about my water breaking because both times they had to break my bag of water while I was in the hospital and I was meaning to ask what I should do if that occured. I really hope it doesn't occur because I would hate to be worrying about cleaning up that mess when I needed to be headed to the hospital. Anyhow all is hunky dorry and I may even look forward to my next appointment although I would love to go into labour on my own before then!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hurry Up Baby!

I am feeling SO much pressure today that I am keeping quite comfortable in the sitting position. If I stand up I feel like baby could fall right out! LOL When I walk I feel as though I have to keep my legs open and look as though I have a stick up my rear end! I am ready!! House is clean and I have everything I need... Even took the girls for a play in the snow this morning so they have had there fill for a few days at least. No braxton hicks today yet. Anyhow, I don't know just how ready baby is yet. 20 days left according to our due date to go... any guesses as to when she may arrive?

All About Baby
At 37 weeks, baby's body is developed enough to survive outside of the womb. Her lungs, now filled with amniotic fluid, are ready to take her first breaths of air. Her eyelids flutter open and shut preparing for her first view of Momma.
This baby is just about done growing inside of me. That means it could be anytime now!
How Big Is Baby?
At nearly six pounds, six ounces and 14 inches in length (crown to rump) baby can come any day now!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Momma Bird is Nesting!

I cleaned up all the dust webs in every ceiling corner of my house (excluding the basement). I vacuumed the whole house and under furniture. I even vaccuumed all the little corners of the stairs where all the dirt and dog hair gather. Cleaned the bathroom, bathed the girls in between and did laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Did more laundry and I even windexed the mirrors. Everyone is in bed and asleep except for me and I am the one who had no steam at dinner time thinking I just may have to have an early night. It is 11PM and I am still thinking about going back into the living room to dust the top of the picture frames on the wall but think then I might have to vaccuum again since you are really suppose to dust before you vaccuum... maybe I will leave that job for tomorrow! Hmmmmm... nesting?? I think maybe I am. I am ready for baby at any moment but am pretty sure she is not quite ready yet. Only time will tell :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pressure

I had a rough night last night trying to get a good nights sleep. My right hip was killing me!! When I actually woke up this morning and came downstairs I had so much pressure in my pelvis. Mostly on the right side. It has finally subsided a little bit thank goodness, because it felt as though this baby might just fall right out! LOL I am tired this afternoon. Had a pretty good morning but now wish I was cozy in my warm bed sleeping away (hibernating) until baby arrives! I will try to tire out the girls here so that maybe they will nap this afternoon... wish me luck!
The contractions continue. I am getting them daily but not too often. Baby is practicing for a safe arrival soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant, 33 Days to Go!

Only 33 Days to go now. Went to see Dr. Jamieson yesterday and all is well. BP is normal. Urine is normal. I am messuring 37 cm this week and baby's heart beat is strong and normal. I will return to the hospital in two weeks time again but will see Dr. Chamberlin instead but only for one visit and then I will be back on Jamieson's schedule again. Dr. Jamieson said that if I delivered baby now that everything would likely be okay and that I would be able to take baby home with me right away. She thinks by this time baby is pretty much full term and there are not usually too many complications after the 35 week mark.

I spent today getting baby's clothes all put away and packing my bag for the hospital. I am starting to feel a bit more organized and we are doing a pretty good job of keeping the house clean (besides the untidied girls bedrooms). Tuesday the girls will be headed to Chantelle's and I will be able to really get things done!

All About Baby
At 35 weeks, baby is considered full-term and she looks developed. The soft, fuzzy hairs that once covered her body begin to disappear. She continues to add fat layers, which will help her stay warm once she's out of the womb. During these last weeks, baby has developed sleeping patterns (and they often have little to do with night and day!)
How Big Is Baby?
Baby weighs in at about five pounds, 10 ounces and stretches to around 12 inches (crown to rump).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Actually Motivated... WOW!

Felt great this afternoon! I got so motivated that the girls and I spent hours upstairs getting my room cleaned out. I pulled out all of the summer clothes from the drawers and closets, cleaned and organized all drawers and closets and got a storage unit ready for baby's clothes (which I have not put in yet beacuse they smell too good and I want them fresh as can be)! I was able to get rid of about a garbage bag and a half of clothes again. I wish Liam was willing to part with more than he does (total pack rat). I was even so motivated that when the girls had their bath and were playing I washed the bathroom sink, toilet and floor and the tub I let soak for Liam to tackle. He is the one will the muscles to get that deep stuck on soap scum off! Now, I will tackle Abigail's bedroom and try and weed out some toys for some room for Christmas ones (well tomorrow I mean). Then upsairs will be done besides the vaccumming I will need to do and dusting the ceiling corners where all the dust webs gather. We are getting there slowly but surely.

I talked to Chantelle (girls sitter) today and we have set things up so that the girls will go there for 5 hours every Tuesday starting next week. It will give me a break and some cleaning time (nap time once baby arrives)! I would like them on a regular schedule and it will be good for all of us I think. VERY looking forward to that. The awesome thing too is that she is just around the corner making it super convient for drop off and pick up!! Lilly says she really likes Chantelle so that is reasuring! LOL Plus I am sending them there on a day that Zander (her little guy) is there so that Lilly and he can play together!

Still counting down... only 37 days to go!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ONLY 39 Days left! OMG!!

When you look at time in weeks it still seems pretty far off. But, when you look at the time in days... well that is craziness! I cannot believe I have been rushing this and now time is ticking quickly and I almost feel like freaking out a little! I have the craddle up in our bedroom and plan on cleaning it tomorrow. Most of the infant clothes are washed... only one more load (then I need to find a spot to put them all)! I still need to pack for the hospital and clean my house. I conquered my livingroom and Lilly's room today... tomorrow the kitchen and our bedroom. Liam is working on the bathroom this weekend so that will be my last job... slowly but surely we will have the house sparkling and ready for babe... will it stay that way?? Doubt it. Will I try to make everyone keep it that way? Bet your butt I will!

I go to see Dr. Jamieson on Friday again and we will see how I am feeling by then. I get to look forward to the lovely strep "B" test... anyone who has been pregnant in the last few years will know what I am talking about. It is far from thrilling (discusting actually)! Joy to the world! LOL Both other times I was negitive and didn't have to worry about anything. If you do show possitive it is no big deal really... except as soon as your water breaks they hook you up to IV with antibiotics to keep anything from passing on to baby.

Well... time is flying by now. Soon Christmas will be here and we will be blessed with three beautiful little girls so share our day with and hopefully enough sleep :) We bought our first Christmas present today... better start shopping soon!