Wednesday, November 26, 2008

38 Weeks Today

Just got home from my visit with Dr. Jamieson and it went well. Hopefully I will not need to return to the office again for a long while! I was two cm dialated when I arrived and have now been stretched. I forgot just how uncmfortable it was, but, hopefully well worth it. I can feel baby trying to get lower every min! Dr. Jamieson said her head was very nice and low and because I was already 2 cm it made it easier to stretch the cervix.
I forgot to mention about my Strep B results at my last visit. They were negitive again so I do not need to worry about that at all. No antibiotics during labour needed.
I am a little uncomfortable right now (having cramping) and do have some bloody show which is all VERY normal after such an exam. We will cross our fingers (and toes) and say a little prayer for this baby to arrive quickly and healthy of course! Hopefully my next update will be me in labour or after this new little bundle has arrived. I do have a appontmnt booked for December 5th but hope t deliver long before then!

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Taylor said...

I hope you get your wish and she comes to meet everyone soon! Goodluck!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.