Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stubborn Girl

Definately a Porter this one is LOL... I started contractions yesterday morning at 4 am. They continued for three hours at 15 mins appart and then they were sparatic all day long. Around supper time they started up a bit stronger and closer together at 4 mins appart. After some convincing from my mother and Liam I went to the hospital. I had a feeling I was not ready but went anyways. I was 2 cm dialated (the same as my last visit a week ago). Contractions were barely happening again and after a little monitoring I walked around for about an hour before getting checked again. When I went back, baby's heart rate was VERY high and mommy was dehydrated. The nurse hooked me up to an IV until she was satisfied with baby's heart rate again and when I got checked again I was still the same. I was sent home! The last thing on earth I wanted was to be sent home.... esspecially after two previous pregnancies you would think I was an expert by now! LOL She was not ready! We got home around 130 am and I dredded that I would never get any sleep for 1. Lilly and my mother occupied my bed and 2. I thought I would keep having contractions all night or have such a baby brian I could never sleep. I ended up sleeping VERY well. I made Liam take Lilly to her own bed and crawled in with mom. I slept in until about 8:30 am or so. When mom got up she sent Liam to our bed for a rest too since he had slept on the couch all night. Mom was great this morning taking care of the girls while we rested and then once Liam was up and Mom had left I went back to sleep for hours! Thanks again so much Mom! We appreciate you a lot!!
So we have esstablished that baby is a stubborn girl... or just maybe... maybe, she was trying to find a way for Momma to rest up and get lots of energy for her VERY SOON arrival! LOL

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