Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Done Deal!

I started labour pains last Thursday around 8:30pm and knew these were the real deal. Contractions were much more painful than the night before. I decided this could take a little while so Liam and I decided to lay down around 11:00pm. I actually fell asleep which was unexpected but great! I woke up around 12:30am almost dying in pain!! LOL I knew I needed to get to the hospital like NOW! I immediately woke Liam and he jumped in the shower while I called Dad to come watch the girls. Liam had an interview Friday morning at 8:30am and there was no way he was going to get any sleep! We were at the hospital about 1:30am and I was 4 cm dialated and contractions were coming much more quickly. Anna had met me in the front lobby of the hospital and took me up to labour and delivery and immediately after checking me they admitted me. When my contractions became 4 mins appart they put us in the delivery room. I was coping quite well and was very proud of myself. Liam was freaking out a little thinking it was much farther away because I was joking and laughing between contractions. I wanted to try the eppideral again in hopes that this time it would have some effect. It seemed forever before I was able to get it but I did and it worked! I was in total heaven then!! Liam would tell me when I was having a contraction at first because I couldn't feel them at all until the pressure started coming. After a discussion with the nurse we figured out that the reason I likely crowned the min after the eppideral was in place both other times was because they had broken my water before they had put it in. This time they waited! As soon as they did break my water though I needed to start breathing through my contractions again and sometimes there was no time at all between two contractions. The nurse kept saying "I will just let you get comfortable" and leaving the room but I knew baby was almost ready. I ended up ringing the bell and calling them in saying "I think it's time". Immediately the nurse and doctor came in, the nurse checked me after a VERY long contraction and said "you are 10cm and ready to push"! So I did... and one contraction she was out! It was amazing!! Tessa Julianna was born at 5:06am weighing 8lbs and 7ozs. After Abigail was born I swore I would not do this again for a VERY long time because the pain was so unbareable... but this time it was great!

Liam made it to his interview on time and was thrilled with how well it went (fingers crossed)! Being a new daddy again must have had him in fantastic spirits even with a total lack of sleep. He was able to get a little nap in in the labour delivery room after Tessa had arrived and while Anna and I got to know this new and beautiful baby.

We brought home Tessa Julianna Porter on Saturday December 6th, 2008 (the day after her birth). Her two big sisters are totally in love with her and she is a sweet little bundle.

Keep updated on our life at "And Now There Are Three!" blog by Natalie Porter. There you will be updated with our family experiences and just every day life. Thanks for following!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stubborn Girl

Definately a Porter this one is LOL... I started contractions yesterday morning at 4 am. They continued for three hours at 15 mins appart and then they were sparatic all day long. Around supper time they started up a bit stronger and closer together at 4 mins appart. After some convincing from my mother and Liam I went to the hospital. I had a feeling I was not ready but went anyways. I was 2 cm dialated (the same as my last visit a week ago). Contractions were barely happening again and after a little monitoring I walked around for about an hour before getting checked again. When I went back, baby's heart rate was VERY high and mommy was dehydrated. The nurse hooked me up to an IV until she was satisfied with baby's heart rate again and when I got checked again I was still the same. I was sent home! The last thing on earth I wanted was to be sent home.... esspecially after two previous pregnancies you would think I was an expert by now! LOL She was not ready! We got home around 130 am and I dredded that I would never get any sleep for 1. Lilly and my mother occupied my bed and 2. I thought I would keep having contractions all night or have such a baby brian I could never sleep. I ended up sleeping VERY well. I made Liam take Lilly to her own bed and crawled in with mom. I slept in until about 8:30 am or so. When mom got up she sent Liam to our bed for a rest too since he had slept on the couch all night. Mom was great this morning taking care of the girls while we rested and then once Liam was up and Mom had left I went back to sleep for hours! Thanks again so much Mom! We appreciate you a lot!!
So we have esstablished that baby is a stubborn girl... or just maybe... maybe, she was trying to find a way for Momma to rest up and get lots of energy for her VERY SOON arrival! LOL

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

38 Weeks Today

Just got home from my visit with Dr. Jamieson and it went well. Hopefully I will not need to return to the office again for a long while! I was two cm dialated when I arrived and have now been stretched. I forgot just how uncmfortable it was, but, hopefully well worth it. I can feel baby trying to get lower every min! Dr. Jamieson said her head was very nice and low and because I was already 2 cm it made it easier to stretch the cervix.
I forgot to mention about my Strep B results at my last visit. They were negitive again so I do not need to worry about that at all. No antibiotics during labour needed.
I am a little uncomfortable right now (having cramping) and do have some bloody show which is all VERY normal after such an exam. We will cross our fingers (and toes) and say a little prayer for this baby to arrive quickly and healthy of course! Hopefully my next update will be me in labour or after this new little bundle has arrived. I do have a appontmnt booked for December 5th but hope t deliver long before then!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Visit With Dr. Chamberlin

Just got home from my appointment with Dr. Chamberlin. I am offically "full term" as they say and could go into labour anytime now. My blood pressure was great as well as baby's heart beat and I weighed in at the exact same as two weeks ago and messured the same as well. Baby's head is way down now and Dr. Chamberlin said they could sweep my membranes (Yippee) at my next weeks appointment which will fall on Wednesday this time. She said she doesn't like to try and bring on labour at 37 weeks but that they have no problem doing it at 38 weeks! I was surprised when the doctor reccognized me right away. I knew she has been sharing the practice with Jamieson for some time now but I think I actually only saw her one time when I was pregnant with Abigail! Guess it helps knowing people in the office (IE. Auntie Wendy being the retired receptionist for Dr. Jamieson)! Dr. Chamberlin mentioned that if my water breaks that I should head straight to labour and delivery as well as soon as my contractions start becoming at all regular. She said that with the shortness of my last labour I could prbably expect the same if not shorter this time around! I was glad she mentioned about my water breaking because both times they had to break my bag of water while I was in the hospital and I was meaning to ask what I should do if that occured. I really hope it doesn't occur because I would hate to be worrying about cleaning up that mess when I needed to be headed to the hospital. Anyhow all is hunky dorry and I may even look forward to my next appointment although I would love to go into labour on my own before then!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hurry Up Baby!

I am feeling SO much pressure today that I am keeping quite comfortable in the sitting position. If I stand up I feel like baby could fall right out! LOL When I walk I feel as though I have to keep my legs open and look as though I have a stick up my rear end! I am ready!! House is clean and I have everything I need... Even took the girls for a play in the snow this morning so they have had there fill for a few days at least. No braxton hicks today yet. Anyhow, I don't know just how ready baby is yet. 20 days left according to our due date to go... any guesses as to when she may arrive?

All About Baby
At 37 weeks, baby's body is developed enough to survive outside of the womb. Her lungs, now filled with amniotic fluid, are ready to take her first breaths of air. Her eyelids flutter open and shut preparing for her first view of Momma.
This baby is just about done growing inside of me. That means it could be anytime now!
How Big Is Baby?
At nearly six pounds, six ounces and 14 inches in length (crown to rump) baby can come any day now!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Momma Bird is Nesting!

I cleaned up all the dust webs in every ceiling corner of my house (excluding the basement). I vacuumed the whole house and under furniture. I even vaccuumed all the little corners of the stairs where all the dirt and dog hair gather. Cleaned the bathroom, bathed the girls in between and did laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Did more laundry and I even windexed the mirrors. Everyone is in bed and asleep except for me and I am the one who had no steam at dinner time thinking I just may have to have an early night. It is 11PM and I am still thinking about going back into the living room to dust the top of the picture frames on the wall but think then I might have to vaccuum again since you are really suppose to dust before you vaccuum... maybe I will leave that job for tomorrow! Hmmmmm... nesting?? I think maybe I am. I am ready for baby at any moment but am pretty sure she is not quite ready yet. Only time will tell :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pressure

I had a rough night last night trying to get a good nights sleep. My right hip was killing me!! When I actually woke up this morning and came downstairs I had so much pressure in my pelvis. Mostly on the right side. It has finally subsided a little bit thank goodness, because it felt as though this baby might just fall right out! LOL I am tired this afternoon. Had a pretty good morning but now wish I was cozy in my warm bed sleeping away (hibernating) until baby arrives! I will try to tire out the girls here so that maybe they will nap this afternoon... wish me luck!
The contractions continue. I am getting them daily but not too often. Baby is practicing for a safe arrival soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant, 33 Days to Go!

Only 33 Days to go now. Went to see Dr. Jamieson yesterday and all is well. BP is normal. Urine is normal. I am messuring 37 cm this week and baby's heart beat is strong and normal. I will return to the hospital in two weeks time again but will see Dr. Chamberlin instead but only for one visit and then I will be back on Jamieson's schedule again. Dr. Jamieson said that if I delivered baby now that everything would likely be okay and that I would be able to take baby home with me right away. She thinks by this time baby is pretty much full term and there are not usually too many complications after the 35 week mark.

I spent today getting baby's clothes all put away and packing my bag for the hospital. I am starting to feel a bit more organized and we are doing a pretty good job of keeping the house clean (besides the untidied girls bedrooms). Tuesday the girls will be headed to Chantelle's and I will be able to really get things done!

All About Baby
At 35 weeks, baby is considered full-term and she looks developed. The soft, fuzzy hairs that once covered her body begin to disappear. She continues to add fat layers, which will help her stay warm once she's out of the womb. During these last weeks, baby has developed sleeping patterns (and they often have little to do with night and day!)
How Big Is Baby?
Baby weighs in at about five pounds, 10 ounces and stretches to around 12 inches (crown to rump).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Actually Motivated... WOW!

Felt great this afternoon! I got so motivated that the girls and I spent hours upstairs getting my room cleaned out. I pulled out all of the summer clothes from the drawers and closets, cleaned and organized all drawers and closets and got a storage unit ready for baby's clothes (which I have not put in yet beacuse they smell too good and I want them fresh as can be)! I was able to get rid of about a garbage bag and a half of clothes again. I wish Liam was willing to part with more than he does (total pack rat). I was even so motivated that when the girls had their bath and were playing I washed the bathroom sink, toilet and floor and the tub I let soak for Liam to tackle. He is the one will the muscles to get that deep stuck on soap scum off! Now, I will tackle Abigail's bedroom and try and weed out some toys for some room for Christmas ones (well tomorrow I mean). Then upsairs will be done besides the vaccumming I will need to do and dusting the ceiling corners where all the dust webs gather. We are getting there slowly but surely.

I talked to Chantelle (girls sitter) today and we have set things up so that the girls will go there for 5 hours every Tuesday starting next week. It will give me a break and some cleaning time (nap time once baby arrives)! I would like them on a regular schedule and it will be good for all of us I think. VERY looking forward to that. The awesome thing too is that she is just around the corner making it super convient for drop off and pick up!! Lilly says she really likes Chantelle so that is reasuring! LOL Plus I am sending them there on a day that Zander (her little guy) is there so that Lilly and he can play together!

Still counting down... only 37 days to go!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ONLY 39 Days left! OMG!!

When you look at time in weeks it still seems pretty far off. But, when you look at the time in days... well that is craziness! I cannot believe I have been rushing this and now time is ticking quickly and I almost feel like freaking out a little! I have the craddle up in our bedroom and plan on cleaning it tomorrow. Most of the infant clothes are washed... only one more load (then I need to find a spot to put them all)! I still need to pack for the hospital and clean my house. I conquered my livingroom and Lilly's room today... tomorrow the kitchen and our bedroom. Liam is working on the bathroom this weekend so that will be my last job... slowly but surely we will have the house sparkling and ready for babe... will it stay that way?? Doubt it. Will I try to make everyone keep it that way? Bet your butt I will!

I go to see Dr. Jamieson on Friday again and we will see how I am feeling by then. I get to look forward to the lovely strep "B" test... anyone who has been pregnant in the last few years will know what I am talking about. It is far from thrilling (discusting actually)! Joy to the world! LOL Both other times I was negitive and didn't have to worry about anything. If you do show possitive it is no big deal really... except as soon as your water breaks they hook you up to IV with antibiotics to keep anything from passing on to baby.

Well... time is flying by now. Soon Christmas will be here and we will be blessed with three beautiful little girls so share our day with and hopefully enough sleep :) We bought our first Christmas present today... better start shopping soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Such a Great Sleep...

Last night was a little rough (to say the least). I could not sleep to save my life. I tossed and turned for hours before I decided to head downstairs for some quiet time. I checked some e-mails, etc for a few mins and was just about to start some catching up on my Y&R when Abigail started calling for me. Abigail does call out in her sleep occasionally but never usually wakes up. She was REALLY awake last night tho and continued calling for me and Liam until I went up to sit with her. I am not sure what was going on really but she was pretty certian that we should all be awake and head downstairs. I sat with her for about an hour in her room before I made her go back to sleep. I then had to listen to her crying "Mommy" over and over again until she finally faded off. It was a really sad cry too and reminded me of the visit to the OR when she had her day surgery... so sad! So last nights rest consisted of about 2 hours solid rest... brutal!

I cannot belive that I am 34 weeks tomorrow! Only 6 weeks (or less I hope) to go!! I am writing a list tonight of everything I will need once baby arrives and plan on washing baby clothes once the girls are tucked into their cozy beds tonight. Maybe I Awill even pack my bag for the hospital... we will see.

All About Baby
Baby's muscles are maturing along with the rest of her body. She can hold her head up and turn it from side to side. She'll practice this newfound muscle tone by stretching out her arms and kicking her legs. I can assure you the practicing is going well as I am consistantly getting more uncomfortable with every move she is making inside me!

Baby's eyes are now open when awake, and closed when sleeping. Most of the lanugo is gone and replaced with a thick coat of vernix (remember that yucky white cheese both girls were born all covered in?).

How Big Is Baby?
This week baby is about 12.8 inches (crown to rump) and weighs nearly five pounds.
Just about ready to emmerge... or at least I can hope!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh My Aching... Everything!

Last night we made a short trip to Walmart to get a few new baby sleepers. Liam tried to convince me 101 times to get those onsies but I refused. He said look how cheep they are and I said it's no wonder... they have no legs! I NEVER used them with either of my girls and do not want to start now. I think they are so silly. Esspecially since baby is going to be born in the winter and will need her legs and feet covered! I can see using them in the summer when it is hot but not the winter!! Come on now! LOL

There is just something about Walmart that makes me ache all over. By the time I leave that store I can barely walk! I waddle all the way out and need to rest for the evening! It happened with both other pregnancies also. The floor there is killer!

I think baby is starting to make her way into my pelvis because my groin and hips are killing me and I can barely lift my legs even to walk this morning! I am glad the aches and pains have held off for the most part until now, but it is now I really need to get things done and can barely move to save my life. Fingers crossed I will be remotely pain free in the next few days and get things in order. I have re-organized all the clothes bins and pulled out the infant stuff but now I have 7 clothes bins sitting in my family room that I cannot put away myself. LOL And then, the craddle that I need up in our bedroom is all the way in the basement... yet another job I am unable to do myself! Looks like Liam has some work cut out for him... I better get on him... LOL I am completely kidding of course since Liam works all week and then he let me rest all weekend to ensure I didn't catch this silly cold from the girls. Thankful to him I am still cold free and plan on staying that way (knocking on my head)! Better to have an aching groin and pelvis than to have a cold while trying to take care of two sick little girls!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nothing Too Exciting...

Yesterday at the OBGYN everything checked out to be fine. I am loving the nice short visits! I am down one pound and still messure 36 cms so I am not growing too much which makes me happy. My urine was fine, blood pressure too. I go back in two weeks this time... hopefully not too many more times left since I only have about 6 and a half weeks left to go and plan on going early! I complained to Dr. Jamieson about being so tired that I feel like I could sleep all day long. She checked me out and feels it is the lifestyle of a mother with two little busy children who is pregnant and exausted. She didn't seem concerned, just told me to rest whenever I get the chance to. Liam was off work today so I had two naps... FANTASTIC!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Maternity Pictures

Maternity Leave Has Officially Started

After the last shift I worked I realized that I am done. Done like a dinner and totally stuffed! LOL I worked a night shift (which is was less work load) and by the time the shift ended I knew I could not return to work. I had Braxton Hicks contractions all night and the tightening was unreal. I was suppose to work three more shifts before I was done so I got them covered. I have already applied online for EI so I just need my ROE to take in to make it complete. I am so tired lately also and have a ton to do so it will be good to not have to worry about working on top of it all.

I got some more maternity photos from Jess which I will post in a seperate post after this one.

All About Baby
Baby's senses continue to develop. If you talk to your baby, she can hear you. In fact, her world is full of sounds. In addition to peoples voices, she can hear my stomach growling and my lungs taking in air, along with the reassuring vibrations of my heart beating. Also, baby's skin has turned from red to pink and she has started preparing for life outside the womb by storing iron in her liver... so that's why I am tired (stealing all my iron)!
How Big Is Baby?
This week baby stretches to around 12 inches (crown to rump) and weighs in at about four pounds, eight ounces.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Maternity Pictures

I know some are not the most flatering shots but my pregnant belly none the less. I am trying to deal with the naked belly shots and thought posting them might help! LOL I don't think I will ever love my body... esspecially pregnant!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Only 8 Weeks and 1 Day Left!

All About Baby
Our unborn baby is establishing a daily routine. At times baby is active and wiggly, while at other times I can't feel her movements. Once baby's born, she'll most likely continue with her in-utero pattern which I am plesantly looking forward to since she is moving a lot at bed time. Along with a routine, baby has favorite positions too.Her favorite is to have her head down, rump up towards the ribs. Conveniently, the perfect position for labor but the most uncomfortable for Mommy when she is trying to sit comfortably.
How Big Is Baby?
Baby weighs around four pounds and stretches to over 11 and one-half inches in length (crown to rump).

Time is flying! By the time Liam gets home from his trip I will only have 7 and a half weeks to go! There are still a few things we will need to get but I am not worrying too too much about that. I am not working very much these days and will have lots of time (fingers crossed) to get things done. I am totally procrastinating the clothes thing. After Liam settles home for a day we need to get over to storage to bring out the clothes for me to start sorting and washing! I cannot wait to smell that baby detergent again!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo Shoot

Jessica came over yesterday late in the morning to do some maternity shots of me with the girls. I was not exactly thrilled about the idea of having my belly naked for some photos so depending on how they look I may post some. It looked like she could have got some cute shots. She did take some of my clothed belly also so if all else fails I will post at least one of those! I am getting VERY big and with a third pregnancy not feeling so beautiful. Jess will be doing some editing over the next few days or so. It could take longer because she has another shoot she is working on also, although I promise as soon as I see anything that is decent I will post it for all to see.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pain Free?? Afraid Not!

OMG! I was hurting last night after work. They had be up on the heavy reception again last night and that is killer. Not just because the resident load is heavier but also because their is a lot of portering to do and the dining room is so far away. My stomach was pretty tight by the end of the night and my feet were killing me! I waddled myself all the way out of there at the end of my shift. One bennifit is that you keep so busy up there that the night flies by! Nights like this though make me think I am done for this pregnancy. Not too many shifts left to go. I have decided I will be done after the first week in November.

Once I got home I could not settle right away so after a quite restless night I was awaken by Abigail at 7am! She had done a great job of sleeping in the previous days and I had been spoilled. Seems any night I get to bed late... the kids wake early! Better luck tomorrow morning I hope... I tired her out today!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Labour Dreams

It took me quite awhile to settle last night. Probably because it was the first night with Liam away. It was really windy and rainy out and a branch kept hitting the roof making a loud banging noise... not consistantly enough to make me fall asleep of course, but just annoying enough to keep me awake!

When I finally did settle I slept hard. I kept dreaming about being in labour! It was a wild and crazy dream actually and it was taking forever! I was at the hospital but had only had one really big contraction which hurt like hell. I am thinking that maybe I had a pain in my sleep triggering this dream. They were getting a bed ready for me in the hospital though so I must have been in active labour LOL Hope this does not mean premature labout for me. They kept telling me they wanted for me to be at least 38 weeks before I delivered...

Where do dreams come from anyways? And how can they make no sence at all sometimes and we still have to remember them? Anyhow, I am feeling pretty good still (besides the hips at night). I work another 8 hours tonight and then am off until next Sunday midnights. I hope tonight goes smoothly enough and that I remain pain free for the evening!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Cramped to Say the Least!

Only 9 weeks to go... and counting down?? You bet! I am getting huge! Starting to feel uncomfortable again. My hips are aching, when I sleep esspecially. Being on my side with this BIG stomach weighing me down into the mattress makes me ache like crazy... my knees should not be touching and one million pillows do not seem to make the seperation of my hips any better. I really want to sleep on back or tummy... I cannot wait for that!

Little one is kicking me like mad all day long and her kicks and pokes are VERY strong. There feels like there is absolutely no room left for baby to grow. She is way up in my ribs making it so uncomfortable to sit. I have started getting heart burn pretty bad from lack of space... but nothing that doesn't subside quickly enough. Braxton Hicks have started again. I haven't had any of those in quite awhile so I am actually getting excited that she is practicing for the big day!

Lilly is starting to get anxcious and is asking daily when we she will be able to meet her new little sister. She is talking about where everyone is going to be sitting in the van and how soon there will be 5 of us instead of only 4. Lilly came up with a new name... she doesn't like Leila or Tessa anymore and thinks baby should be Bilina ... like Thumbilina! Crazy girl!

I am almost possitive these last weeks are going to fly by! Liam is leaving early tomorrow morning for hunting and will be gone over a week (down to 7 1/2 wks) then it will be halloween, then Nov comes and we can start decorating outside for Christmas and Christmas shopping... then BABY!! Whoo Hoo!

I have plans to start getting baby organized while Liam is away and get some cleaning done... we will see if my plan works out. I REALLY need to get things together... time is slipping away!

Friday, October 3, 2008

To KGH Again...

Went to the OBGYN today. Everything looks good. Blood pressure was good, messuring 37cm (huge), heart beat 140bpm. The Intern took a good feel of my tummy and thinks most likely that the baby has turned and is head down just as I susspected. I guess my motherly insticts were correct.
Because I am a low risk pregnancy, Dr. Jamieson is letting me wait another full three weeks before going back to see her again (thank goodness). After my next appointment I am going to have to go back in two weeks though.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Only 10 Weeks (or less I hope) to go!

I cannot believe I am 30 weeks tomorrow! It is getting down to the crunch almost and I have nothing prepared. I think it is time to decide my last day at work and start getting baby things organized. As of now the only things I really need are crib sheets and an infant car seat. I sold ours when I sold the stroller but knew I didn't want to use it again anyhow since it would be almost 4 years old then. I need to pull out the baby clothes bins and get organized. I know there are many outfits I will not use again and I could always use new things. After two, things get old LOL to look at... by me anyhow LOL Time to shop!

All About Baby
Baby's face looks much like it will when she's born. She still needs to fill out more to get the characteristic chubby infant cheeks, but she's on her way. She can move her head, open her eyes, and make breathing movements through her open nostrils (although no air comes in).
How Big Is Baby?
If little one were born today, she'd have a good chance for survival at about three pounds and nearly 11 inches long (crown to rump).

Her kicks and movements are becoming VERY uncomfortable. I am pretty sure she has turned already and I will find out for sure at my appointment on Friday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Skip Skip Skip to the Lou!

Oh my goodness... I cannot stop peeing! Baby must be sitting directly on my bladder because I am so sick and tired of going to the lou!! I Swear I am going at least every half hour! I must admit the exercise is great though considering our bathroom is upstairs and I have to keep going up and down all day! LOL I hope baby shifts soon though or I might have to stay in the bathroom all day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

29 Weeks, Only 77 Days to GO!

My four shifts in a row went very well. I think I may just be starting to feel better. Candice said she remembers feeling a bit better at this stage but I couldn't recall! LOL Seems I forget almost everything about my previous pregnancies! I am still getting sick in the mornings which I know did not happen this late with either of my other pregnancies. Whenever I decide to shower before I eat breakfast I get sick to my stomach bringing up bile! YUCK! The day before yesterday I had to send Lilly down stairs to grab me a bananna off the kitchen counter because I knew I couldn't make it downstairs before getting sick again!

All About Baby
Baby is filling out this week. She's adding fat to insulate her body for the day she leaves her cozy home. I can distinguish between feet and hands, head and bottom when baby-to-be moves inside me. She takes practice breaths but won't breathe air until delivery.
Baby's growth has begun to slow down now, but she will still gain approximately four pounds between now and birth. If she were born now, she would be able to breathe, but might tire easily and need assistance. Her little eyes are sensitive to light.

How Big Is Baby?
At two pounds, 12 ounces and almost 10 and one-half inches (crown to ump), little one is growing fast!
Next OBGYN appointment is a week from Friday. I hope I don't have to start going too often. I hate the drive downtown and having to lug the girls around with me!

We've Settled....???

Liam and I have settled on a name... or at least I thought we had! LOL Liam and I have it narrowed down, I should say to two names. Baby girl #3 will be either named Leila after Gramma Wilde (which Liam really wants) or Tessa which Liam and I both really like. I told him if he wanted to name her Leila that I was okay with that and then when he heard me telling people he decided he wasn't possitive that is what he wanted LOL So... at least we have it down to two! Lilly, Abigail and Leila OR Lilly Abigail and Tessa?? A few months will tell!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Much Better Day! (At work anyhow)

As I hoped today went awesome! I didn't get tightening once all day! Everyone I worked with today was fabulous which was a total bonus. I picked up a shift for tomorrow since it went so well so I will have four days of work in a row. If I can do that I am set!

We did get some sad news from the sitter today though. She is stopping childcare in her home and going on with a school board. Her and her husband are splitting and selling the house so the girls will not have her anymore. I am really sad for them. Emily was an amazing babysitter and I hate to say goodbye. Emily gave me the number of another girl here in amherstview so I hope that works out okay. Good think I only have a few months to go before I am on mat leave. Fingers crossed we can find someone to watch the girls a few days a week while I am off or we will be back at square one.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Rough Nite

I got called into work for 3 - 11 shift last evening and was quite looking forward to the shift. I was only a few hours into my shift when the tightening began. One shift at work consits of much walking. All the walking made my tummy tighten right up making it VERY difficult to walk comfortably. I did hang in there and had a hard time sleeping last night but I am taking a rest today and going to try for a day shift tomorrow. I am pretty possitive that I am not going to make it too much longer this pregnancy unless the shifts become shorter suddenly with less moving involved! Wish me luck tomorrow... or a miracle LOL I need to keep working as long as physically possible!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Got The Go Ahead

I saw my family doctor yesterday and got the go a head to start back at work. I am feeling much better now and am not scheduled until the weekend. If by chance a wake up having pain I just won't take any call-ins that day. I am hoping that returning to work will make time pass by a little more quickly.
I am 28 weeks tomorrow and am waking up a lot in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom and can only imagine it increasing in the near future. I am starting to get a bit ancy wanting this baby out now, but knowing that she is still nameless and not quite big enough yet makes me a bit more patient. I am so looking forward to her being born and to see how the girls will react to this new little miracle. I am also looking forward to losing lots of excess weight and starting to live a new lifestyle so that our family can continue to grow and be healthy!

All About Baby
Unborn baby's survival rate outside the womb increases as each week passes. If she didn't open her eyes last week, chances are she'll take her first peek this week. Baby-to-be's skeleton and muscles are maturing quickly. This week she can turn her head from side to side.
Most of the lanugo has disappeared at this point and baby may have a full head of hair by now.
How Big Is Baby?
Baby weighs in at around two pounds, seven ounces and stretches to 10 inches (crown to rump).

Friday, September 12, 2008

My First OBGYN Appointment

It was quick and painless. I showed up about 5 mins prior to my appointment, used the lou and when I came out I was taken back immediately, weighed, the nurse took my blood pressure and Dr. Jamieson came in. Lets hope everything goes this smoothly and quickly every visit from here on in. Dr. Clarke had forwarded all my information so we went through it together. I heard baby's heart beat again today and messured big at almost 31. Not uncommon considering the extra body fat! Dr. Jamieson asked me how far along I was and I had to take her word for it cause I honestly couldn't remember. She laughed saying how funny it is with first time mom's because they can tell you exactly... "I am 21 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours pregnant"! I couldn't help but laugh with her knowing how true those very words were. I knew exactly at every appointment for Lilly how far along I was. When I left my appointment I went down to the main floor to pre-register. That is all done now so that when we arrive at the hospital and I am in strong labour I can head right to delivery!

Feeling exausted today. Every day without a nap is hard on me. Early to bed for me tonight as we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow with Gramma's memmorial.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Almost 27 Weeks and Were Losing Room in Here!

The movement I am feeling now is unreal! This still very tiny baby inside my tummy sure has a good kick. Her kick (or movement) is so strong that you can easily feel her outside my body and even see her movement. I had the t.v romote on my tummy this afternoon and we could actually see it moving when she moved!

I have been getting up in the night way too much! Now that I have this sore back I am finding I need to change positions much more often and every time I wake up I need to pee of course. The night before last I was up at least 6 times in the middle of the night needing the restroom EVERY TIME!

My back is still VERY sore. I am finding a slight improvement but not too much. It is extreemly hard to carry on with everyday living when you cannot lift things, bend or walk for a long time. Liam has been VERY good at helping me to keep the house tidy all weekend. I am sad that he has to go back to work tomorrow and my house will slowly become untidy again :(

All About Baby
This week baby-to-be opens her eyes for the first time. She'll open and shut her eyes as she gets used to her new ability. Our little one is still on the small side. Her body may look fully formed on the outside, but inside there's fine-tuning taking place, including her lungs and her brain. Our unborn baby still has some growing to do!

How Big Is Baby?
This week baby's weight hovers around two pounds and her length reaches about nine inches (crown to rump).

We are still not agreeable on names yet... it is starting to get to me a little. I feel a strong need to have this baby named before she arrives!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh My Aching Back!

Yesterday at work I really hurt my back. When I was in the process of transfering a resident at work the resident decided to try and sit down. Completely unexpected I stood there holding all of the residents weight and straining my back. I visited my doctor today and she has put me off for one week and I will likely be on modified duties for a week after that. I go back and see her again on the 15th of this month so hopefully all will be well by then. More updates to come. I have not updated often as my computer is broken and Liam and I haven't taken it in yet to be fixed.
As of now I am resting by back, taking tylenol (the only pain killer I am able to take) and applying heat. Rest is essential right now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

25 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant

Last night I had the most awful pains in my groin. They were coming and going just like contractions but only happening on my left lower side. The baby contnued to move the whole time. I didn't feel at all like I was in labour but thought something might have been going on with my insides. Turns out the pains I was having are completely normal. When I read up on week 25 they were talking about groin pains and cramping due to stretching of the uterus. The joys of pregnancy that we quickly forget!

All About Baby
Baby-to-be's lungs are developing rapidly, although she'd probably need a little help breathing if she were born at this point. Her respiratory system continues to develop, her nostrils are open, and she can breathe—but she won't take her first breath of air until delivery day. Her reproductive organs are formed. Her skin is translucent and wrinkled, and she can hear your stomach when it gurgles and your voice when you sing. Baby is becoming more aware of how she can move—she's wiggling her fingers and toes! I have been feeling a lot of movement from her lately esspecially. I am also starting to feel the movement from outside too. She is one strong girl already!

How Big Is Baby?
Baby has grown to about one pound, eight ounces and she's nearly nine inches long (crown to rump).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

40 Weeks Seems Forever Away!

I saw my family doctor yesterday for the last time until baby is born. I see my OB GYN in September on the 12th I beleive. The weeks are passing quickly but time sure isn't. When you think in weeks I am 24 tomorrow but having to go to 40 seems like forever away! My iron is better thank goodness. Dr. Clarke had trouble again finding baby's heart beat and checked my ultrasound results to find out my placenta is laying anterior. So baby is hiding behind my placenta making it hard to find her heart beats. I did not gain any weight since my last visit but his is not a concern.

The last shift I worked I thought I was never going to make it through but did manage. I had a lot of cramping and tightening and had to let myself sit every now and again to rest up. I have a feeling I might not make it until November but we will see. I am working 4 shifts in a row come this weekend so we will see how that goes. I have also been assured that all of my braxton hicks are normal, esspecially for a third child and that I should continue working as long as the contractions stop after resting.

All About Baby

Baby is filling out this week. She looks like a miniature version of what we will see on delivery day. Her face has formed, ears are in place, and eyes are complete (although her lids are still closed). She has eyelashes, fingernails, and may be growing hair, too. Rapid eye movements (REM) are beginning, too.

How Big Is Baby?

This week baby weighs around one and one-half pounds and measures almost eight and one-half inches (crown to rump).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

23 Weeks and Still Trowing UP!

LOL Nice heading I know! I am still getting sick in the mornings though, when my tummy is empty and I have to make breakfast for the girls before I can eat. All I can imagine is that this little baby inside me is doing summersalts all night long taking up any food engergy left in me from the day, making me starved in the morning! I hate geting sick... she is going to be a stubborn one! The jungle gym inside me I can handle... but nausia and vommiting I cannot! I have also been having braxton hicks now for a few weeks consistantly (every day)! This baby is practicing already for a birth not planned until December. Hold on baby!

All About Baby
Twenty-three weeks marks an important point for unborn baby. Baby-to-be is far enough along in her development that shehe could have a chance at survival outside the womb.
According to the March of Dimes, of all babies born at 23 weeks, 25 to 35 percent survive. This number goes up considerably when you add just a couple weeks: babies born between 50 to 70 percent of all babies born at 24 to 25 weeks survive. And 90 percent of all babies born at 26 to 27 weeks survive.

Although all of baby-to-be's internal systems are in place, she needs more time for those intricate systems to mature.

How Big Is Baby?
Our little one now is about eight inches long (crown to rump) and weighs in at around one pound.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

21 Weeks and Less Than 4 Months to Go!

Lilly has started talking to her little sister already and is giving her kisses. We still haven't gotten anywhere with baby to be's name. She may be one of many names we are agreeable on but neither Liam or I are ready to commit to just one yet! We keep telling Abigail there is a baby in mommy's tummy and she lifts my shirt and pulls down my pants to take a look. I am sure she thinks we are absolutely nuts! LOL Lilly will tell her to give baby a kiss and she will find her dolly and kiss it.... smart girl!

Our little one will begin to fill out over the next few weeks. Fat layers form throughout baby's body. These layers will eventually keep HER warm and insulated once outside the womb. Soft hair, called lanugo, covers HER body, too. HER eyelids are still closed, making HER appear like he's sleeping, but frequent wiggles will let you know SHE's awake. Baby is frequently hiccuping and practicing HER breathing.

How Big Is Baby?
Baby-to-be weighs in at around 10.5 ounces and stretches to about 7.2 inches (crown to rump).

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures

Here she is! Baby GIRL Porter #3!! Sucking her thumb already!

Just relaxing in the womb...

Finally I was able to upload some photos that were scanned on Mom and Myles scanner (thank guys)! Now all can enjoy these VERY clear photos of our 3rd baby girl to come. I think Liam and I are going to take awhile to figure out an agreeable name for this one. We always agree on boys names... but when it comes to girls the arguing is on! Liam thinks he should be able to pick this name all on his own (fat chance)! We will keep you all updated. I have not decided if the name will be a secret or not yet... just depends on the name I guess. Updates soon enough. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's A Girl!

Miss Baby Porter was still a tiny bit uncooperative LOL She had her foot in the way most of the time. Once the tech told us he was pretty sure it was a girl she decided to show us for sure. Lilly is pretty excited. She did say the other day she thought it was another girl... smart girl she is :) We are very happy and know this baby will be SO loved by everyone. Now Daddy will have another princess to spoil. Pictures to come. I need to find someone with a scanner so I get get these ones uploaded. She was sucking her thumb and the tech got some great shots!

Monday, July 21, 2008

5 Months in Just 2 Days!

5 Months pregnant in just two days... only 4 months to go! Time is flying by!

Boy or Girl? Check in tomorrow night. I got a requisition from my family Doctor and am going for another ultrasound tomorrow at 7:30pm to find out baby's sex! Fingers crossed baby will cooperate this time. Lilly is going to come along for the visit this time and she is so excited about it. She couldn't stop smiling when I told her we were going. She really thinks now that baby is a girl and cannot wait to find out for sure.

About Baby

By week 20, baby-to-be is gearing up for the next phase in his development—filling out. His organs are getting into their proper places. His kidneys are now in position with their familiar bean shape. His testes (or ovaries for girls) have reached their position. His brain continues to form and grow. His teeth are beginning to appear, and he can swallow. We actually saw baby gumming on something in the last ultrasound we had... it was quite neat to see.

I am still feeling pretty yuck and sore sore sore. I am reading that with baby growing now at a faster pace that the aches and pains are all VERY normal.

I have this silly cold right now that is continuing to make me cough... and with the cough comes some gaging and you can guess what is next... yummy! I cannot wait to stop this silliness... there is nothing worse than getting sick to your stomach... I hate it!

How Big Is Baby?
Baby is still just barely six inches long (crown to rump) and weighs around nine ounces.

I will update tomorrow night with results... boy or girl... we will see, we will see!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Liam and I went for our ultrasound on Friday and got to see baby move and wiggle. We saw little hands and little feet, we saw little arms and little legs but nothing inbetween! Baby kept it's legs closed and was uncooperative. The tech and doctor both tried to give it a go with much wiggling of mommy's tummy and pushing around but baby wouldn't give. Liam and I are going to try and get another ultrasound if possible strictly for sex determination. If we cannot get in in Kingston we have made an appointment in Vaughn at U C Baby for August 9th. At this appointment they do sex detirmination as well as give you two pictures and a disk full of pictures to take home with us. I think the disk will be good considering I no longer have my scanner anymore and am unable to upload the pictures from this visit. Baby also didn't want us to see it's face because in the 3D ultrasound shot the hand is right over the face! Baby is stubborn already... clearly a Porter! Fingers crossed we will find out what we are having soon enough. If it is a boy we would like to be totally prepared... pink on boys just doesn't work for us!

Friday, July 11, 2008

18 Weeks and Growing Bigger!

I went to get more blood taken today and this lady was much more successful than the last. She poked me and blood started draining immediately. I am still feeling exausted but I am strating to think that with shift work and two young children I am bound to feel this way forever! LOL Friday the 18th is fast approaching (only 1 week to go)! I cannot wait!!

Baby-to-be's senses are maturing. Baby is able to hear sounds within her own comfortable environment, such as the sound of my heart beating, as well as external sounds, such as my voice. He may become more active for certain sounds, and I will feel his movements. At this point in his development he's still small enough that there is plenty of room to wiggle.
How Big Is Baby?
The little one is about five ounces and five to six inches long (crown to rump).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Four Months and Still Counting!

Tomorrow I will have reached the four month mark. Only 5 more months to go. I am already feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy and it seems SO early. I think my body is saying I might need to be done having children. Maybe it will soon get better?? We shall see. Baby is already laying on my siatic nerve causing huge amounts of pain to Momma! My lower back is aching after a long shift at work and if I sit too long I can barely walk when I get up from being so stiff! I feel much much older than my young 27 and VERY out of shape! LOL I am still throwing up too! This morning Lilly coughed so much she started vommiting and then when I had to clean it up I vommited too after much gagging!

On a more exciting note... before long I will be able to distinguish kicks and hiccups too! By week 16, baby-to-be's body is doing more to support itself. Her kidneys function and produce urine that then passes through the umbilical cord. Within her stomach, bile is secreted, although she relies Momma for all of her nutrients. Her appearance changes as her scalp hair grows and may even have color. Her developing facial muscles make it possible for her to open and close her mouth, maybe even give a smile or two.

How Big Is Baby?
This week, the little one is around four inches long (crown to rump) and weighs in at nearly three ounces.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

15 Weeks Only 175 Days to go!

At week 15, baby-to-be stretches her limbs and bends at her elbows. She's getting big enough that I can feel many of these movements. This week baby is roughly the size of a small apple or orange. Her bones are continuing to grow and lengthen. While she looks more like a baby, her skin is still thin and translucent with her veins visible. Baby is also beginning to grow lanugo, a very fine hair. It will keep growing until around the 26th gestational week of pregnancy (that's week 28 of pregnancy).

How Big Is Baby?
This week baby is roughly the size of a small apple or orange. My weight gain for the month was 1 lb. Last month I gained 3 lbs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Hemoglobin is Low

Okay... so my appointment was on Tuesday not Thursday. I am constantly forgeting things and I think with a third (or fourth) pregnancy it is much much worse. I am still VERY tired and bloodwork has proven that my Hemoglobin is low (I have a low red blood cell count). What it means is that I am lacking Iron and need to take a supplement to get my count up. Dr. Clarke said she will check it again later in my pregnancy to see if things have improved or not. What I am guessing is that after being on the supplement my iron will be great but I will be SO VERY constipated I will want to explode literally!Pregnancy places major demands on the body, because the mother must meet the needs of both her body and her growing baby. The body needs enough iron and folate to make the right amount of red blood cells. Folate includes leafy greans and liver both of witch I am not very fond! LOL
We were able to hear baby's heart beat today. The nurse tried first and was unsuccessful. This may have something to do with two screaming children in the background and Abigail having to lie on me on the exam table because Mommy was way too far away from the floor when Abby was down there! LOL Dr. Clarke found it almost instantly. Everything as of now seems great except the iron thing. I go for my second ultrasound the middle of July and will have some more blood taken then as well. I will update again in a few days and tell you what is going on with baby for week 15.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


LOL Placenta head is my excuse for a lot of things lately ie. locking my keys in the car yesterday and then leaving the keys in the ignition later that day after rolling up the windows for the rain and killing my battery!
My Doctors appointment isn't until next Thursday... not tomorrow. Would you belive also that I took a night shift on Friday night when I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. Can we say brain stupid?? I think we can!

14 Weeks and it is Getting Harder to Count!

I now have to keep checking my ticker to see just how far along I am. Until I am going to the Doctors office more regularly I don't think I am going to remember as I am keeping way too busy with the girls and keeping the house clean!
I see Dr. Clarke tomorrow and I should be able to hear baby's heart beat then. I am very much looking forward to that. Other than that I think my appointment will be pretty uneventful except I may get the results back from my first ultrasound.
I am still gagging and getting sick at the smell of anything terrible ie. garbage, dirty pants, something cooking.... yuck! I hate getting sick to my stomach. There is not much worse than that!
Baby is a regular wiggler now but it is too soon for me to feel it yet. I did feel some growing pains last night in my left side (they were nagging and horrible). This is normal for this time as everything is growing and streching to accommodate room for baby. Baby-to-be's face is becoming more distinguishable as his eyes move closer together and his ears move closer to their final positions. He's also growing soft baby hair all over his body, which is thought to help anchor developing skin, as well as forming hair on his eyebrows and scalp. He may hiccup too, even though his lungs are filled with fluid, not air.
The little one is currently between 3.2 to 4.5 inches (from crown to rump) and weighs in at around .9 ounces.
I will post again tomorrow and let you know how things went at my appointment. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gotta Love That Gag Reflex!

I cannot stop throwing up from awful smells! I get gagging and then the vomiting starts. I try to control it by plugging my nose but there is no hope. My stomach is very sensitive this pregnancy and I now have a feeling that instead of it getting better it may just be getting worse!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Ultrasound and The Blood Witch!

Picture 1 is pretty self explanitory (head right and tummy left)

The 2nd picture isn't as clear. The top centre of the photo shows the arm and hand. Baby is waving hello to all of you! Baby's head is under the hand on the right.

My Ultrasound went really well! My little baby actually looks like a little baby with a heart beat of 151 beats/min. The technician was very nice and showed me many different parts of the baby. I also got two pictures to bring home with me which aren't very clear but they are proof for all that weren't there that indeed baby lies inside :) I had to take pictures of the ultrasound pictures in order to post them. Hope all can see!

After my ultrasound I needed to get a whole lot of blood taken. Stupidly I agreed to do an extra study (allowing for them to take even more blood from me than they needed). The lady (who was actually quite nice) tried many times to find my veins and was unsuccessful. I have many marks to prove this! LOL She ended up only being able to get the blood that my doctor needed even after much determination and many pokes. All is well though and I lived through the process!

I have another Doctors appointment around the 18th of this month and then I go for my 2nd ultrasound on Friday July 18th. I am looking very forward to that date and have my fingers crossed that we will find out the gender at that appointment. Liam is going to take the afternoon off work and we will go together for that one. I may even take Lilly with us to that appointment as I think she would enjoy being able to see baby inside me. Hope everyone has a great week. I will update again after my next appointment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To Reminisce

These pictures are all from when Abigail was born. Unfortunately I didn't have this computer when Lilly was born so to reminisce her birth I will have to go disk hunting. Seems like forever ago really, but in fact, it was only 16 months ago!

12 Weeks Tomorrow and Ultrasound on Monday

At 12 weeks all of baby's major body systems are in place. In baby's digestive system, his small intestine is no longer entwined with the umbilical cord, but instead is tucked neatly within the abdomen. Baby's nervous system continues to develop, and his/her brain's structure is fully formed. Many of his/her organs are starting to work on their own, too. For instance, the thyroid begins to secrete hormones. Next week baby will no longer be considered an embryo, but instead graduates into a fetus. He/She is already looking more and more like the baby —he even has tiny fingernails!

At 12 weeks, baby weighs in around 1.5 ounces and measures about three inches in length (from crown to rump).

The "first look" or Nuchal folds test, also know as pre-natal screening test, is one that is recommended in the first trimesteras a tool to screen for your risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. The Nuchal folds test is a screening test done by using ultrasound between week 11 and 14 of your pregnancy.

During the test, your technician will look at the folds at the back of baby's neck to measure its thickness. Researchers have measured these folds and know what the average thickness should be according to your baby's gestational age. (Babies with Down syndrome tend to have increased fluid accumulation here). This is a screening test and will tell you the likelihood of your baby being born with Down's Syndrome. If the test results are positive, further diagnostic testing in the second trimester will be recommended, such as an amniocentesis and CVS.
There is also a blood test that goes along with the ultrasound. I will be getting my blood work done on Monday also.

I am looking forward to this ultrasound but am also a bit nervous. Besides being very pukey I have not really felt pregnant yet, so seeing baby is healthy on the monitor will ease some stress I think.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Fall

Yesterday Abigail and I had a fall... well lets just say I had a fall and Abigail came down with me! I am a hurting unit! I tripped in a hole in my back yard that the dogs had dug up and went flying. I tried to hang on to Abigail but no such luck. Abigail did a face plant into the lawn. She is fine thank goodness but I feel like I have been hit by a truck. My left angle is aching! My right shoulder and arm hurt, my right knee is all skined up and feels as tho I have pulled muscles all through it. I am a mess. Looking forward to the next couple of days and hopefully less pain! I am SO clumsy! Hopefully this will end when my pregnacy does... I doubt it though, I see Lilly is following in my clumsy foot steps!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

11 Weeks Tomorrow!

Time is slowly passing by. You think with how very busy I am keeping myself that it would go much more quickly. I am still not feeling great and continue to have my nausious moments ie. yesterday morning when I went to make Liam some coffee and there was still the old coffee filter in the coffee maker... puke? I did... three times! Yuck! I am not so much having food cravings altho most foods do not apeal to me. I can make a whole dinner and sit down to eat it just to discover that the site of the food makes me wanna get sick! Fun, fun!! Since I am almost at the three month mark now hopefully all this will end soon.

Baby weighs in at about three-tenths of an ounce this week, and his length is just under two and one-half inches (crown to rump). I am going for my physical on Thursday and we go for our ulrasound June 2nd. I will try to update more often. It is hard with two little ones to occupy and work. Plus I am finding this pregnancy is not very eventful. It is hard to think about pregnancy really when I am a going concern!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still Nausiated

Not much new here with me. I am still VERY nausiated and feeling tired. I have not had a perfect day yet and continue hoping this will end VERY soon. I go for my first ultrasound at 12 weeks (June 2nd). This is the safer study. We didn't do this with either of or girls but thought this time we would so we can see earlier what is going on with Baby. Lilly is certain it is a Boy Baby and if it isn't I think she may be a little disappointed. I explained to her that we cannot choose what baby comes and that either way we will be happy. She keeps telling me tho that we already have a girl baby and that this one has to be a boy! She is going to name him Abby Caddabby you know! Fingers crossed baby boy is what lies inside! LOL I will update again if anything new happens worth blogging about.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seven Weeks and Counting

Today I am seven weeks. I am still SO very tired and don't seem to have any ambition to get anything done around the house. I wanna sleep 24/7! The girls have been fabulous (Abby napping twice a day and Lilly napping once and letting me rest while she has quiet time). Thank goodness for little girls!!

Baby-to-be has been busy this week. Baby's brain is continuing to develop. The circulatory system becomes more complex as lungs begin to form. Baby's face is taking shape with his eyes showing some pigmentation, visible ear holes, miniscule nostrils, and an indentation where his mouth will appear. Baby'sdigestive system and stomach are starting to form. His arms and legs are growing, but his fingers and toes have not yet developed. This week baby is as big as a pencil eraser!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

SO Tired!

I am still feeling VERY sick and I am super tired! I worked 3 - 11 last night and 6 - 2 today so I am beat! Looking VERY forward to a day off tomorrow. Saw the Doctor at Lilly and Abigail's appointment and I got some pills for my nausea. Fingers crossed that once they are in my system I will be feeling normal again. Being sick sucks! At only 6 weeks and a bit I am already finding my pants tight... I am in trouble! LOL

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctors Appointment Was Canceled!

I showed up with both girls today and myself. I figured I would kill 3 birds with one stone by booking all three appointments at the same time, but my Doc had to leave because her son was sick! I am going to go back and see her next Thursday now. I am still feeling VERY sick. I am looking forward to seeing her so that I can get something to cure this nausea!! Today I am 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant. 6 more weeks and I can share the news!

Monday, April 14, 2008

5 Weeks and 5 Days

Today I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant! I am feeling pretty normal I guess. Some nausea has starting without vomitting for now! LOL Fingers crossed! I don't remember feeling quite so sick at the beginning with my girls. Maybe this time we are sporting a baby boy!! I have a Doctors appointment on Thursday morning to confirm my pregnancy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A night out just Liam and I

We went out for Congratulatory dinner. LOL We sat in the stupid Pizza Hut for over an hour waiting for our dinner! Then since Dad was babysitting we decided to go shopping but because it was Saturday night everything was closed except Walmart! So... our exciting night alone consisted of Pizza Hut and Walmart!! Whoo Hoo!! Hopefully more exciting stories to come...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Took the test!

My missed period was on April 8th, 2008. I decided to take the test. I took Lilly and Abigail with me to the drug store and purchased the 2 in a package number just in case I needed a test for next month. We decided we would go and visit my mom for lunch at her work. We arrived just in time and once we were settled in the break room I snuck off to the loo and did the deed! LOL Two lines appeared very quickly.... uh oh! I had no idea what the result was because I had left the box in the car. I soon found out after leaving that I was in deed expecting! So excited and smiling so hard it hurt, I called Liam to tell him the news.
How am I ever going to keep this a secret for three months??