Sunday, November 16, 2008

Momma Bird is Nesting!

I cleaned up all the dust webs in every ceiling corner of my house (excluding the basement). I vacuumed the whole house and under furniture. I even vaccuumed all the little corners of the stairs where all the dirt and dog hair gather. Cleaned the bathroom, bathed the girls in between and did laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Did more laundry and I even windexed the mirrors. Everyone is in bed and asleep except for me and I am the one who had no steam at dinner time thinking I just may have to have an early night. It is 11PM and I am still thinking about going back into the living room to dust the top of the picture frames on the wall but think then I might have to vaccuum again since you are really suppose to dust before you vaccuum... maybe I will leave that job for tomorrow! Hmmmmm... nesting?? I think maybe I am. I am ready for baby at any moment but am pretty sure she is not quite ready yet. Only time will tell :)

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