Friday, November 21, 2008

A Visit With Dr. Chamberlin

Just got home from my appointment with Dr. Chamberlin. I am offically "full term" as they say and could go into labour anytime now. My blood pressure was great as well as baby's heart beat and I weighed in at the exact same as two weeks ago and messured the same as well. Baby's head is way down now and Dr. Chamberlin said they could sweep my membranes (Yippee) at my next weeks appointment which will fall on Wednesday this time. She said she doesn't like to try and bring on labour at 37 weeks but that they have no problem doing it at 38 weeks! I was surprised when the doctor reccognized me right away. I knew she has been sharing the practice with Jamieson for some time now but I think I actually only saw her one time when I was pregnant with Abigail! Guess it helps knowing people in the office (IE. Auntie Wendy being the retired receptionist for Dr. Jamieson)! Dr. Chamberlin mentioned that if my water breaks that I should head straight to labour and delivery as well as soon as my contractions start becoming at all regular. She said that with the shortness of my last labour I could prbably expect the same if not shorter this time around! I was glad she mentioned about my water breaking because both times they had to break my bag of water while I was in the hospital and I was meaning to ask what I should do if that occured. I really hope it doesn't occur because I would hate to be worrying about cleaning up that mess when I needed to be headed to the hospital. Anyhow all is hunky dorry and I may even look forward to my next appointment although I would love to go into labour on my own before then!

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